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American Players Theatre

Sharina has begun rehearsals for the 2010 Summer season at American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

News Article, New London Day

Leonard Dozier and Sharina Martin rehearse a scene from the Hygienic Theaterwerks production of "Heartbreaker," at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford.

Hygienic Theaterwerks debuts with Michael R. McGuire’s ‘Heartbreaker’

Hygienic Theaterwerks debuts with Michael R. McGuire’s edgy new drama

Most developmental theaters have certain lofty goals for plays.

Meaning regional theater, national tour, or – God and producers willing – Broadway.

But, realistically, most dramas will never make it all the way to a big tour or the Great White Way.

A fresh program at the Hygienic is taking what founder James Stidfole describes as a longer view. What the Hygienic Theaterwerks production company is doing is giving local writers a little help toward getting their plays into script catalogs used by community theaters and schools.

“I know that every high school drama coach and every community theater group in the country is pawing through Samuel French and Pioneer catalogs, hunting for something to do. Because there are only so many times you can do ‘The Odd Couple’ or ‘The Sunshine Boys,’” Stidfole says.

If they decide to do one of the plays, they pay the play-publishing-catalog company, and the writers get a portion of those profits.

Stidfole says that, in general, for a play to be submitted for consideration for a catalog, it needs to have had a full production and to present the stage manager’s run script, with all the lighting cues, sounds cues and prop lists.

“It’s like, wow, if we do real productions and hand the playwrights these tools – now, of course, it’s up the playwrights to follow through – but at least they now have the tools,” Stidfole says. Read more

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