Sharina Martin gives the most original, engaging and all together winning performance in the play.

–Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Sharina Martin’s ‘Trisha’ is a study in complexity…

–Richard Propes, The Independent Critic


Ehre has packed [the show] with capable, watchable and youngish cast members… including the delirious Lady M scrubbing the “blood” from her hands (keenly rendered by Sharina Martin).

–Megan Powell, Time Out: Chicago / Issue 165 

The most interesting relationship is the first meeting of Fleming’s Hippolytus and Sharina Martin’s hip and geeky Aricia, the young object of his desire… Fleming and Martin are both excellent in that exploratory, quirky scene.

–Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Two beautiful actors, Anthony Fleming III and Sharina Martin completely convince as the doomed childhood friends and lovers… This shining duo brought humor, chemistry and pathos to their sparring dialogue, not unlike Tracy and Hepburn in their time, and made us wish, against all evidence of Greek mythology, that they at least would have a glad end.

–Susan Weinrebe, Roberta On the Arts

I especially like the work of Lady Macbeth… (Sharina Martin in a vivaciously effective performance) who uses her seductive power over men to gain her desires.

–Tom Williams,

As the star-crossed lovers, Fleming and the multi-faceted Sharina Martin strike a perfect balance between the production’s mix of playfulness and sorrow.

–Ali Weiss,


Interview with “Just Terea Talking” September, 2010